ASA Awards Scheme

The ASA Awards Scheme plays an important role in the teaching of swimming in Britain, as well as throughout the world. Generously sponsored by Kellogg’s, the Awards Scheme offers a wealth of encouragement and support to children and young people, as well as their teachers and coaches.

Almost two million certificates and badges were awarded last year, making the Kellogg’s ASA Awards Scheme one of most successful schemes within both British and international sports.

The awards have been designed to encourage children and young people to learn the core skills of each individual award stage, as well as ensure that they have fun in whatever aquatic sports they enter in to.

Bruce Learner, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Kellogg’s, said: “Our partnership with the ASA began in 1996, since then more than 15 million swimming awards have been presented to youngsters across the country.”

Profits from the Kellogg’s ASA Awards Scheme help to fund a wide range of asa initiatives, from the development of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming, through to political lobbying for the Swim for Life campaign. The creation of the sports’ own child protection Swimline number (0808 100 4001) has also been aided by funding from the Awards Scheme.