Swimming and World Records – the Top 5 Swimming World Records

What makes a great swimmer? He is disciplined and tough, and has a flawless technique. Let us take a look at five of the top swimming world records:

  1. Mark Spitz gets seven for seven (1972)

When Mark Spitz arrived for 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, he used to be a 17 year old prodigy and held 10 world records. He won 2 of 6 swimming gold medals, both in relay. In 1972 Munich Olympics, he not just won each of the 7 gold medals but set 7 world records in the process.

  • Eight for eight for Michael Phelps (2008)

Michael Phelps is also known as the Baltimore Bullet. Few countries’ overall performance is better than his individual, in terms of Olympic medals and swimming championships. In 2008 Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps one-upped Mark Spitz, by winning eight gold medals in eight events. His program was tougher in than Spitz’, and he won the 400 individual medley as well.

  • Dawn Fraser, unbeatable in 100 m freestyle

Australian Dawn Fraser used to be unbeatable in 100 m freestyle, during 1956, 1960 and 1964 Olympics. Eight years is a long time to be at the top. Probably Australia’s all time greatest was the champion in Melbourne 56’, Rome 60’ and Tokyo 64’. In the last of aforementioned, she was recovering from an accident but managed to defend the title.

  • Gertrude Ederle crosses the English Channel in 1926

Ederle had a world record in 4 X 100 meter freestyle relay, along with two bronze medals in 1924 Paris Olympics. She then became the sixth person and the first woman to cross the English Channel, swimming. There were a few failed attempts by women then on the list, including Ederle’s first attempt in 1925. In 26’, she swam the channel in 14 hrs and 39 minutes, two hours quicker than the fastest male time.

  • Kristof Milak breaks Phelps 200 m Butterfly record

Let us put one of the latest records in perspective. Phelps record in 200 m butterfly stood for 18 years. Milak, a Hungarian swimmer was a year old when the record was created. On July 24, 2019, 19 year old Milak bettered the record by .78 seconds and clocked a time of 1:50.73. is always at your service. You can access legal know-how, information regarding your rights, and sound legal assistance. Call us today.

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