How to train for a competitive swimming event

Generic training for swimming characteristically involves yardages and meters. It is hard work, waking up in the mornings for long training sessions. The step that follows is centering every ounce of that energy for the competition that you are about to be a part of.

Here are some tips for preparing for a competitive meet:

  1. The gear must be proper

Figure out your gear and keep it in one place. It helps avoid the circumstances wherein one attempts to find it at the last minute. Make a list and cross check before leaving for the sports centre. Racing suit, goggles and caps are a must. You may choose to maintain a backup.

  • Check out the place

Get an overview of the dressing rooms, starting points and marshalling areas. This builds familiarity with the place and helps perform better. Do it before the event.

  • Be in time for the race

If you reach early, you can get a feel of the water and do warm up exercises. This improves the race performance. You also get a better idea of the pool setup.

  • Stay focused

Elite swimmers always keep their minds focused towards the event. Keep free from distractions. It prepares one better to meet up with any requirements that need to be met at the pool.

  • Have a routine in place

Michael Phelps used to have a routine in place prior to his competitive swims. This involved warm ups, arm swings and stretching. He used bent over arm swings as well. You can also create a routine for yourself. Conduct the same before every race you participate in. This helps stay focused and calm.

  • Keep a record of heat numbers

Maintain a notebook and jot down a record of your heat numbers. This helps avoid panic when your race is announced and you are not ready to show up. So gauge the events taking place a little time before your race. It helps you be ready and reach the spot on time.

  • Don’t be anxious

Sports are all about fun, so have a gala time at it. Anxiety takes away the performance. is the prime avenue to connect with for slip and fall compensation or public liability claims.

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