Long Distance Swimming – Just how far can a human being swim?

Long distance swimming is a sport and the distance is a matter frequently up to a swimmer’s perspective. For most swimmers, 1500 meters is a long distance swim. 3k is good enough to be defined as a marathon. Anything above 10k is an ultra marathon.

A swimmer must first make sure he is comfortable with the water’s temperature and doesn’t find it to be too cold. He can then start swimming.

Long distance swimming is actually a team sport. One can go long distance swimming in open waters, or in a closed circuit pool. Having a support crew around will be helpful.

A number of risks come to be a part of long distance swimming, and a swimmer must stay wary of them. One has to prevent against hypothermia. So after the swim, wrap up in layers of warm clothing. Avoid hot showers. Lie down if required and have a warm drink.

Avoid Jellfish if you go swimming in the sea. If they bother you post the swim, have an antihistamine.

In order to avoid injuries, keep the shoulders strong by exercising them frequently. Dehydration is a risk that prevails, even while one does not feel the loss of fluids prominently while swimming. There is then a risk of sunburns over the exposed skin. When there are others around in the water, one must make oneself as visible as one can.

In an emergency situation, there are some ways to do it just right. In 2015, Miami Dolphins fullback Rob Konard was launched from a boat and saw it being motored away on autopilot. This was on a solo fishing trip to South Florida coast. He was 9 miles away from the coast in the Atlantic Ocean and had doubts over his odds of survival. He swam for 16 hours on the go, to safety.

Some cues help in such circumstances. Hope somebody finds you. The sun’s position gives a fair idea of the directions. Similarly, sea birds fly from land to sea at dawn and from sea to land at dusk.

A professional level fitness is not called for swimming 9 miles. Alternate your swimming between side-stroke, back-stroke, and breast-stroke. Never halt, it keeps the muscles warm.

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